Sunday, 16 June 2013

Try no. 465234 :D

So, after way too long it's me again and I feel really bad for leaving my blog unattended for that long - AGAIN! There have been so many things happening at the same time lately that I just had no time logging on, uploading photos, writing posts.. Enough with the excuses. I love blogging, so I'm trying to be a more regular blogger now :)

I think I told you that I got a job at the bakery. Well, I quit it last weekend and in four weeks I will be out of there for good. The staff members are super nice but the manager and the boss are just a bit of a pain and I felt really used. I mainly have to work Sundays and worked on all public holidays since easter! When I applied, I got told that they want to hire two more people so that the work load is evenly split, but that never happened. I don't want to go into full detail.. I talked to my parents a lot about it because I'm usually not a person that calls it the quits that easy but I just got so tired coming home and complaining about the same things over and over again. One lady works there since seven years and said that they had those issues since she started and it never got better; so I doubt that it will turn around any time soon. Therefore I'm now looking for a new job next to applying for uni courses. yayy :D

Anyhow. Our long time friends stayed at ours this weekend and they brought their two dogs! I'm a huge dog fan and would do anything to have my own. :-)

Talk soon. xoxo

Oh yes: Also the cat from the neigbourhood (we don't know who her owner is. she just drops by three times a day, takes a nap, drinks, eats and disappears again. I guess she is better than no pet :D)

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  1. Beautiful.
    I love it when a dog has two different colored eyes. It looks like he's smiling.
    My English is not very ggod because I come from Germany. Sorry.