Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Create your own map with fun photos and stories to share!

For all you travellers out there: I found this really cool website called where you can create your own maps, add photos and stories to each location of your recent trips. It is a really cool and convenient way to keep people posted on your latest trips, to find more fun places to visit and to just keep track of your favourite memories. I have added two maps - one from Australia and one from New Zealand and I will add some other ones in the days to come. The maps I have created so far aren't fully completed yet.I still need to add some locations and I also want to include some photos and write some sentences under some spots.

If any of you have an account there, just let me know :) Just thought that this would be a nice idea for any one who just came home or is about to go on a holiday, exchange, etc.

Sarah xo

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  1. Ja, ich frag mich, wie man auf die Idee kommt Latein zu wählen oder es erst an einer Schule anzubieten, das gehört verboten - oder meine Lehrerin gehört verboten! :D
    Das freut mich :)

    Dankeschön ♥