Friday, 13 September 2013

Uni life 
 02/09/2013 - it all began!!! Uni life has started and that means back to business! Usually the semester starts in October for most unis, but not for Mannheim. We already started two weeks ago which means lectures have started already and hence I've been super busy getting used to everything and organising my way around the campus. I love the uni but it is much bigger than it looks at first. Fortunately Mannheim has a very good street system. 

It takes me 50minutes by tram to get to uni but that's okay. For some it might seem like a long time and that it might be better to move out but I say no! At the moment there are still so many students that come from all over Germany who are still desperately trying to find a place for good. So in my opinion, it would be very selfish on my behalf if I would go look for an apartment now when I 'only' live 50mins by tram away from uni where others have to travel hours to get back home. Also, another reason why I have decided to not move out now, is that I want to save up that money so that when I move out that I can get a nice place that I love without making too many compromises. Another one is that I want to buy a car, a new phone, a tablet, a new laptop and travel to Australia next year and all those things cost lots of money. So I need to save up every cent that I can. 

Enough from that. My course is called Culture and Economy (Kultur und Wirtschaft: Anglistik mit Nebenfach BWL) All the subjects are really interesting but different. The lecturers are brilliant! They make the lectures very interesting and so far they haven't been boring. Literature is the only lecture where I'm not too sure what to think of it. But I think that once it gets deeper into the course, it'll make more sense and get better. Marketing is my favourite subject. It's a lot to learn of by heart but I like the way you have to think and I will probably in the next semesters focuse more on that. For now however, I will not plan too much ahead because it could all change again as time goes on but I'm just glad that I don't feel lost in my course.

What was really good that before the first semester started, we had an introduction week for all first semester student. We got heaps of information, flyers, contacts and help of how to put together our timetable. I'm happy with my timetable now. Monday and Tuesday I start at 8:30 am and they are my "worst" days because they are long and packed, too. Wednesday and Thursday I named my study days because I only have to classes each and then I can use the rest of the day to catch up on work. Friday I have nothing so I can sleep in and have an early weekend. Yay C: 

All the people I've met so far have been very nice and helpful. It's kinda cool because we all come from different parts in Germany and from different backgrounds. I absolutely love it. There are also quite a few exchange students from America, Japan, China,... Some in the first semester courses, others from higher semesters. 

I still can't quite believe it that I'm now a uni student. :D

I'm off to bed now. I'm so, so tired and am looking forward to sleeping in. :D

Hope you all had a good start after the holidays!!

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  1. Hallo du Erst-Semesterin :)

    So langsam wird auch bei mir studieren ein Alltagsbegriff. Was Wie Wo ect... Wie bist du denn eigentlich auf den Studienfach gekommen?