Saturday, 20 July 2013

Guess what will come next

Yes, Singapore!!! Finally!!!
I will split the photos up into three posts because they are just too many for one but I don't want to cut too many out.
Singapore is an amazing city. So fascinating! My personal favourite about our three day stopover there was going through the chinese market. To me it seemed like a different world. All the different smells, noises, languages, culture - everything was so different. But it didn't feel strange at all. Everyone was really nice, helpful and welcoming. Most people there speak fluent English which helps a lot! I loved the little shops there and the food was so delicious. Here you wouldn't eat from a stand like the ones there, but there you get the best food to a cheap prize too! My friend, who has been there multiple times, told me that I must try the food in the chinese market and in the food courts. And she was right. The food was to die for. All the different dishes. Nomnomnom :D
The architecture is also just brilliant. The combination of old and new is wonderful and the sky scrapers in Frankfurt or even Melbourne/Sydney are nothing compared to the one in Singapore. I could stand on the Singapore Flyer for ours and watch the skyline! It really takes your breath away - the view!!
The weather was something where I took a bit longer to adjust. Well, only the humidity. In Australia it can get really hot and the sun's intensity is unbelievable but in Singapore the warmth and the humidty just knocked me out. But you get used to it! Every buidling has air cons and with plenty of water in your handbag it's bearable.
We were really lucky with our hotel as it was very central and what we couldn't reach by foot we took the bus to. On our last night we went to the night safary which was one of the highlights of our trip. I had high expectations and they were all reached. It was interesting to see the usually sleeping animals in action. So cool!

I'll write a bit more under each post but as a brief summary I think that is enough. :)
All I'm gonna say is: If you get a chance on your way to Australia, New Zealand,... to do a stopver in Singpaore - DO IT! It's totally worth it. Dad at first was a bit sceptical but then he agreed that it was the best decision we could have made.

Singapore Flyer

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