Monday, 24 June 2013

Uni courses

In the past few days I have been collecting all the documents I need to apply for uni courses. I never thought that it would be that much of a hazzle but with an australian report it hasn't really made it much easier for me :D Two weeks ago I got the letter from Stuttgart stating that I can officially apply for any uni course I want besides for medicine (missed out by ONE point!! :D) I was so relieved and happy that day. Then there was the big decision making: What do I want to study? What are my options on the job market afterwards? What are my chances? Will I be happy with the course? Decisions, decisions, decisions. :D

After googling, reading magazines, looking through online forums,... I made up my mind and am now applying at four unis hoping that one will accept me. Cross your thumbs guys!

Have to get ready for work now. I so hope that it will stop raining soon.

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