Sunday, 24 February 2013

Weekend joy

Most of my latest photos seem dark, dull and kind of depressing. But the weather is depressing. It’s cloudy, the sun is rarely out and all the colours are gone which makes it really hard (for me) to take “happy” photos :D That was the beautiful thing about Australia… Even though it was raining, the blue sky was always near, the sun came out – even for a little while – and brightened up the day. Here the sun is a rarity :D I’m usually a big fan of winter. I love to put big jumpers on and hide in my scarves, come home, sit in front of the fire and drink lots(!) of hot chocolate or tea. But now I miss the sun and I can’t wait to see it again. Last week I had a driving lesson and it was a sunny morning and the forest looked soooo beautiful (I know, I should have maybe focused less on the scenery but I couldn’t help myself). Snow everywhere, it didn’t look drab at all and I was in such a mood for skiing and going on a winter walk. Now it’s wet, cold, frosty, muddy, slippery and not inviting to put a foot out of the door at all. However, today dad and I walked up to the old castle ruins to have a look and these are the photos I took. Hopefully next time there will be some sunnier ones, too. Oh well, complaining won’t help because I know that as soon as summer has arrived I will miss the snow :D haha

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and I wish you all an excellent start into the new week

More photos to come tomorrow... Good night! :*


  1. Ich folge dir nun auch hier auf diesem Blog! :)
    Ich finde auch, dass es so langsam mal Frühling werden könnte :)
    Liebe Grüße!

  2. sooo schön ♥♥ ich sehne den frühling auch schon herbei