Friday, 15 February 2013

Third post.

Wuhu, I finally did it! I opened up my new blog! This will be my main one now because I'm not in Australia anymore so the main topic from the other one would be lost. But I'll keep my old blog and may update it with news and facts every now and then, and if any of you have any questions about Australia (what it's like to live there, etc.) feel free to contact me. ☺

Three weeks ago we left Australia to fly back to Germany. At the moment I feel like a stranger in my own home. I never thought that five years would have such a big impact on me, but they did. Not for the bad, but for the good. We also finally found a house! FINALLY! It seemed like forever. We went to so many house inspections but none felt like home and all of a sudden there it was :D Beautiful garden, enough space for all of us and good public transport connection, too :) We were so relieved. On the 17th March our container is supposed to come and then we will move in. Once all that is done I'll make a room/house tour :)

In the last post you were able to see some photos from our current apartment in the middle of Weinheim. Next week I'll take the camera on tour and take some more photos and I might also catch the tram to Heidelberg and I'll definitely take some photos there, too :)

That's all I have to say right now.
I'll keep you updated on all the news and wish you all a fabulous weekend!

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